Tree Book Project

My language arts class has been working on this project for awhile, and we finished last week. Artist Peg Gignoux has been helping us with this  book. The cover is screen-printed paper, and the inside is collaged Akua ink-covered paper, which we made by rolling Akua ink on a rubbery platform called a jelly, and we added plants to make prints. We also made little pockets on the book to store our writing pieces, which were collaged with the Akua ink. We put one thing in each pocket; a life list (things we want to do before we die), a roots essay (an essay about our family members), and the last pocket held a Polaroid picture of our self. Funny story about that picture. The flash on a camera makes me blink. So I look like I’m asleep in the photo. We also wrote a wish on the inside of our books.

To go along with the project, we are reading the book Wishtree. We haven’t finished it yet, but it is a good book. A lot of good messages in it. It’s kind of sad though. We also put our books up in a gallery for a bit. My dad, his parents, and my brother came to see my book. My mom was in New Jersey for the weekend, so she couldn’t come. It was a fun exhibit, and the project itself was even more fun.

Check out Peg’s website: Peg’s website

Also check out frank gallery’s site, which is where we displayed our books: Frank Gallery site


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