What I Notice

Things that I notice are:

1. Facial features. I can tell if your left eye is bigger than your right, which ear is bigger than the other, eyebrow size, and nose shape. If someone is talking my ear off, I point out which eye is bigger than the other. They think I’m crazy and leave me alone. 👍

2. Voices. I can tell you’re emotion from your voice. A lot of people can do it though.

3. I can tell if you’re scared, lying, or both. I have almost always been able to do this. It’s another one that’s not that hard once you figure it out.

Book Review #1

I warned you that I was doing book reviews. So here’s my first one. This is a very good book. I have read others by Timothy Zahn, and I loved them, so I am reading this one. I am a little less than halfway through and so far it is great. It’s a little hard to follow, there is a lot of different groups, (the rebels, the empire, the hand of judgement, a traitorous governor, a warlord) and a good amount of plot twists.

I am going to try and give you a summary without any big spoilers: The rebels want a new base and make a deal with an imperial governor. The empire finds out and sends an agent, and the agent is helped by renegade stormtroopers. There is also a unknown – regions warlord who wants to take over the 2 worlds. Basically they are all against each other, or think they are, and it makes it a very confusing and kind of suspenseful book. Highly recommended for “Star Wars” and/or science fiction fans.